Who we are

Bapu's Group of Companies is a culmination of diversified activities and business verticals with highly trained team of experts and a huge team of man power to support it's various activities

Bapus Group of Companies is the big picture of various partnership operations in arenas like:

Ship Chandelling Bapu's Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd.
Sea Transportation Bapu's Shipping Jamnagar Pvt Ltd.
Lube Oil Distribution Apex Lubricant
Mines & Minerals Apex Mines & Minerals
Renewable Energy Eleanor Energy Pvt Ltd.
Construction Apex Enertech Pvt Ltd.
Engineering Apex Engineers

Success at Bapu's group of companies is based on business acumen and diversification, Bapus group of companies is a business enterprise with a solid foundation built on the confidence and subject understanding of its people. A group built by people who have earned a reputation over a period of time and are enterprising to fulfill the demands and the challenges of the changing market expectations.

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